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By Hadumod Bussmann

In over 2,500 entries, this dictionary presents an exhaustive survey of the major terminology and languages of greater than 30 subdisciplines of linguistics. transparent and concise definitions of key terminology, innovations and subject matters are complemented by way of vast cross-references to synonyms and similar phrases, salient English-language examples and targeted bibliographies. For ease of use, the e-book additionally includes maps indicating the distribution of languages and a cumulative bibliography containing 1000's of references.

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Leipzig. C. 1993. A grammar of Afrikaans. New York. G. 1950. Herkomst en groei van het Afrikaans. Leiden. J. 1923. Oor die afrikaanse sintaksis. Amsterdam. Raidt, R. 1983. Einführung in Geschichte und Struktur des Afrikaans. Darmstadt. L. 1983. Die grammatika van standard-Afrikaans. Cape Town. Afro-Asiatic (also Hamito-Semitic, Erythraic) Language branch consisting of approx. 250 languages with about 175 million speakers in North Africa and southwest Asia which can be grouped into five or possibly six language families (Egyptian, Berber, Cushitic, Semitic, Chadic, and possibly Omotic).

Similarly, in visual and tactile agnosia, objects may not be identified despite normal vision or sense of touch. References Brown, J. 1972. Aphasia, apraxia and agnosia. Springfield, IL. J. 1990. Visual agnosia: disorders of object recognition and what they tell us about normal vision. Cambridge, MA. Hecaen, H. Albert. 1978. Human neuropsychology. New York. R. 1966. Higher cortical functions in man. New York. ——1973. The working brain: an introduction to neuropsychology. New York. neuropsychology agrammatism [Grk agrámmatos ‘illiterate’] In neurolinguistics, term referring to an acquired impairment or disorder of oral and written expression.

G. to deal [cards]). ( also government, valence) Dictionary of language and linguistics absolute superlative 6 degree absolutive Morphological case in ergative languages for indicating the subject of intransitive verbs and the object of transitive verbs. The absolutive can be considered the primary syntactic func-tion of this language type. Like the nominative case in nominative languages, this case usually has a zero form. References case, ergative language absolutive language ergative language abstract noun [Lat.

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