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Wisdom of the elemental basics, layout, potency calculation and know-how of pumps is kind of crucial in quite a few kinds of industries. This booklet Rotodynamic Pumps (Centrifugal and Axial) has been designed preserving this in view. Written by means of a reliable individual within the topic, the booklet offers an in depth information regarding the speculation, layout, checking out, research and operation of alternative forms of rotodynamic pumps, specifically centrifugal, radial, diagonal and axial move kinds. It is helping the readers to layout, research and keep an eye on the pumps. It information the entire layout technique, losses and potency calculation, computing device programmes. operating versions were absolutely illustrated within the ebook for larger comprehension of the topic.

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Apparently average specific gravity of such mixtures is different from specific gravity of liquid alone. The problem becomes more difficult, if the liquid is other than water, which is very common in chemical industries. As a result, the net pumping head, flow rate, power, NPSH of the mixture change. So the pump parameters of the mixture is converted into equivalent water parameters by using experimental coefficients called ‘consistency factor’. ‘Consistency’ is defined as the percentage by volume or by weight (or specific gravity) of the solid content or gas content or other liquid present in suspension in the whole pumping mixture.

7. Heavy duty pump Basically pump construction consists of three sub-assemblies namely (1) shaft assembly (2) casing assembly and (3) base assembly or bracket assembly. Shaft assembly, consists of impeller, impeller key, impeller nut, shaft, bushes at stuffing box, bearing inner races, pump coupling, key, and coupling nut, all mounted on a common shaft. The shaft is connected to the prime mover either through belt drive, or direct. This assembly is the only rotating assembly and hence this assembly must be perfectly balanced.

Quantity Q m3/second (sec) L3/t Newton . m sec ML2 3. Power N 4. Speed n 5. 6. Diameter Gravitational acceleration D 7. Density g ρ 8. Viscosity µ 1 sec m t2 1 t L m/sec2 L/t2 kg/m3 M/L3 kg m sec M Lt As per the laws of dimensional analysis, there are 8 parameters with 3 dimensions. Hence, (8 – 3) = 5 non-dimensional parameters can be evolved. After solving, we get the following nondimensional parameters. (1) µ  ρVL  which is Reynold’s number  Re =  ρ n D2 µ   (2) Q V   which is Struhaul’s number  Sh =  called unit discharge KQ in fluid machines nL nD 3   20 ROTODYNAMIC PUMPS (CENTRIFUGAL AND AXIAL) (3) N called unit power (KN) ρn3 D 5  V2  F = which is Froude number   r  gl  n2 D  H (5) D (4) g Multiplying non-dimensional parameters (4) and (5), we get another non-dimensional number H gH .

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