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Extended to incorporate hundreds of thousands of near-synonyms, antonyms, and near-antonyms, this remarkably profitable reference paintings is now much more invaluable and attractive. Authoritative and exact, it truly is prepared for locating the perfect observe quick and simply.

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The matter i've got and folks may have with this booklet is what it includes and isn't made specific within the description of the e-book. This ebook comprises particular language and outlines of human anatomy and sexuality. many of the issues defined in listed here are very picture certainly! This ebook is the same in a few respects to the city dictionary came across on the web.

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Ldionts spread far and wide, spread the word. Syns; promotion, PublicitY. srn advertise. Syns; advisement, counsel, recommendation. 22 advice(s) advice(s) nuun New information, esp. about recent events and happenings. advisable adiectiae Worth doing esp. for practical reasons: Checking the data is adoisable. advise oerb 1. To give recommendations to (someone)about a decision or course of action: My attomey adaised me to sue. 2. To cause to know about or be aware of. 3. To meet and exchange views to reach a decision.

2. caNcel. ROUND. ABOLITION. annunciate oerb To bring to public notice. ANNOUNCE. annunciation rwun The act of announcing. ANNOUNCEMENT. anomalism rwun The condition of being abnormal. ABNORMALITY. anomalous adiectirse Departing from the normal. rmun anomaly The condition of being abnormal. nau,n anonymity The quality or state of being obscure. anOnymOUS adiectioe Having an unknown name or author: a panel of medl,cil experts and arwnyflwus Aoung addicts; receiaed an arwnAnnus letter. ABNORMAL. ABNORMALITY.

1. nnorrc. 2. Bnorrc. LOVE. nOUn. SHAPELESS. 1. rorer- rwun. 2. naponr noun. 3. gueNnrv. 1. Syns; add up to, aggregate, number, reach, run, total, 2. Syns: constitute, correspond, equal. -ldiont, have all the earmarks. 1. r,ovn noun. 2. rovn noun. l. Bcousu. 2. pnpr noun. AMBICUOUS. analyze 37 amphibology noun An expression or term liable to more than one interpretation. adiectiae ampfe 1. Of full measure; not narow or restricted. 2. Characterized by abundance. 3. Large in expanse. 4. Having plenty of room.

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