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By Col. David Fitz-Enz

What if, on September eleven, 1814, the us had misplaced the close-run conflict that Winston Churchill referred to as the “most decisive” of the warfare of 1812? With a victory at Plattsburgh, could the British have finally been capable of regain keep an eye on in their former colonies? just one fleeting second on Lake Champlain could have been had to eternally adjust the younger country’s background and go back it to the grip of King George III.

Redcoats’ Revenge brings the main profitable box commander in historical past, the Duke of Wellington, to North the US in 1814. A coalition of 8 eu nations has lately defeated Napoleon. With the emperor’s hazard to England eliminated, Wellington releases the main strong army juggernaut for carrier within the Western Hemisphere. His audacious plan sends him and his avenging veteran redcoats plunging instantly south from Lake Champlain towards big apple urban. In Washington, the streets crackle with stress on the information of British ships at the Chesapeake. The White home is briskly evacuated and the capital left undefended while a diversionary strength ways town and chokes off Baltimore.

President James Madison needs to now come to a decision which of his generals is in a position to effectively dealing with off with the Iron Duke. No pal of the tyrannical Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson, Madison eventually consents that he could be the in basic terms commander with any wish of matching Wellington. Redcoats’ Revenge is a shiny montage of the personalities and battles—real and particularly possible—of the battle of 1812. With its smart and compelling premise, this interesting exchange background will enthrall readers and display simply how shut the U.S. used to be to changing into a British colony once more.

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Happy to see his friend, the naval lieutenant, hatless on the quay, peered beyond the approaching cutter for the Growler. Despite his age the spry judge jumped the last foot before the Valerie was even secured. Breathless as he approached Macdonough, he blurted out, “Lost! ” The old man had been tussling with the news of the incident, thinking of its varied ramifications and considering how Washington would receive such dire information. As a result, he had presumed too much and started the story at its end rather than its start.

He referred me to one of his writers famous for the genre. The formula seemed complicated and fraught with pitfalls. I had to, on the one hand, keep history somewhat intact, yet on the other hand, find a natural break with history without an outcome that bordered on the ridiculous. While in England on a research trip for my book Old Ironsides: Eagle of the Sea, I was sent by Lionel Leventhal, publisher of Greenhill Books (distinguished for its alternative histories), to renowned author Dr. Paddy Griffin, a highly successful writer and scholar.

When darkness settled over the lake, the cutter abandoned its watch and turned south to report the incident. The southern breeze, which had propelled Lieutenant Smith to his defeat and capture, didn’t diminish until long after the sun set and the full moon etched its bright silver streak on the water. The Valerie made its way swiftly toward Cumberland Bay, thanks to the vessel’s staysail rigging, which permitted her to tack in a short zigzag pattern. A square-rigger would’ve taken twice the time to cover the twenty-mile distance between the river’s open mouth and the bay.

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