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This groundbreaking vintage explores the need of connections among our lifestyles and soul and constructing the most strains of the soul-making method.

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Critics miss the validity and necessity of regression. ” Our culture shows two alternative paths for regression. These paths 2 8 / Re-Visioning Psychology have been called Hellenism and Hebrewism, and they represent the psy­ chological alternatives of multiplicity and unity. We see the alternatives at critical junctures of Western history, for instance at the time of the decline of Rome which accompanied Constantine into Christianity (as Hebrewism had then been renamed). We see them again at the time of the Renaissance and Reformation, when south Europe returned to Helle­ nism and northern Europe returned to Hebrewism.

I may see visions and hear voices; I may talk with them and they with each other without at all being insane. The Empire o f the Roman Ego: Decline and Falling Apart In the early years of this century, cases of multiple personality caused a stir. But not because they were something new. Possession by devils, speaking with several tongues, automatic writing, the experience of the Doppelganger and deja vu, and other modes of “personality dissocia­ tion” were long familiar phenomena. The idea of a divided soul, even of dismemberment, is older than Greek myth, yet only in the early years Personifying or Imagining Things / 2 5 of this century was “schizophrenia” named and given a careful descrip­ tion.

However, the difficulty in all methods of actively engaging the imagi­ nation is, Who is doing the activity? When it is the ego personality in its usual stance, then the autonomy of the field it enters becomes disturbed by this intrusion. The figures of the imaginal psyche have to react in accordance with the ego’s needs and patterns. Their responses become ego-linked; they lose their autonomy, or they can show it only by disappearing. When Hercules went into the underworld, he forced the God Hades to flee from his throne after having wounded him in the shoulder.

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