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By Esther Lewin

Most folk are intrigued by way of slang. This ebook offers the reader with wisdom of these "in" phrases and words.

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APPRENTICESHIP n. ropes. paying one's dues, learning the APPRISE v. tip, tip off, wise up, put next to, put one in the picture. See ADVISE. See also INSTRUCT. APPRISED adj. plugged in, in the picture, in the know, wise to, all woke up, know the score, on the beam, double digs, kept posted. See AWARE. See also KNOWLEDGEABLE. APPROACH n. wrinkle, new wrinkle, crack, fling, go, lick, stab, shot, whack. See also CONCEPT, PLAN, IDEA, OFFER. APPROACH v. 1. belly up to, buzz, move in on, come at, contact.

Scribe, scribbler, scripter, telewriter (TV), ghost, ghostwriter, columnist, ink slinger, word slinger, wordsmith. See WRITER. AUTHOR v. script, pen, put down, bang out, bat out, make hen tracks. See WRITE. AUTHORITATIVE adj. 1. legit, on the legit, the emess, the righteous, out of the horse's mouth, straight from the horse's mouth. See FACTUAL. 2. got the horses to do it, Norwegian steam, powerhouse. See POWERFUL. AUTHORITIES n.

ARMY UNIFORM n. , olive drab, pinks (officer), full dress, fatigues, khakis, peacoat, A uniform, B uniform. ARMY, VIETNAM n. ARVN, Arvn, arvin, (Army of the Republic of Vietnam). AROUSE v. turn on, heat up, wake up, work up, send, fire up. See EXCITE. AROUSED adj. turned on, hot, hot to trot, hopped up, steamed up, worked up. See EXCITED. ARRAIGN v. point the finger, point the finger at, lay at one's door, pin on, pin it on one, hang something on one. See also ACCUSE. ARRANGE v. 1. put in shape, put in good shape, whip into shape, put to rights, put in apple-pie order, clear the decks, fix up, police, police up, spruce, spruce up.

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