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Historic Egypt comes alive during this eagerly expected new sequence that is breaking revenues documents in Europe! "Ramses, Vol. I: The Son of sunshine" recounts the exciting tale of Ramses, the mythical king who governed Egypt for greater than 60 years. selected via the pharaoh Seti, the 14-year-year-old Ramses units into movement a tapestry of royal intrigue, treacherous plots, and romantic adventures that might maintain readers spellbound and hungry for extra.

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Setau reminded Ramses about their date and told him a promise was a promise. While Ramses was under house arrest, Setau would be scouting locales for their snake hunt. He was clearly delighted to be leaving the city and looking forward to daily contact with his true source of power. To Sary’s surprise, Ramses bore his confinement stoically. While others his age dipped in all the pleasures of the season, the prince studied theorems and classical authors, breaking only to walk his dog in the campus gardens.

Don’t forget that the forces of darkness are never vanquished. You’ve seen the uraeus on Pharaoh’s crown, the sign of the cobra protecting Egypt. ” Ramses let out a long breath and gazed at the stars. “You may be careless, but at least you’re lucky,” Setau told him. ” six amses scrambled up on the fragile raft of lashed papyrus sheaves. It would never last the whole slate of ten swimming races he had organized. His name had attracted a small battalion of challengers, all the more eager to beat him since a bevy of Memphis beauties cheered from the R Ramses: The Son of Light 29 canal banks.

I only trust snakes. They never betray their nature. With men, it’s different. ” “Put on your tunic and let’s get going. ” Night in the desert was a feast, so full of wonders that not even the sinister laughter of hyenas, the howling of jackals, or the thousand and one eerie sounds could trouble Ramses. Set’s red land was full of ghostly voices. The valley had its own enchantments, but here he sensed the power of the other world. True power . . maybe it did lie deep in the haunted solitude of Setau’s desert home.

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