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By Johan L. Sellink M.D., Roscoe E. Miller M.D. (auth.)

This atlas is a variety of roentgenograms of sufferers who visited the radiology departments on the college clinic in Leiden among 1970 and 1978, the loose college medical institution in Amsterdam in 1979, and the radiology division on the Indiana college clinical tuition in Indianapolis in 1977. the most typical radiological abnormalities of the small gut are illustrated truly, unhindered via flocculation or segmentation of the distinction fluid. The authors think this booklet is a distinct contribution to the aim of unique early small bowel analysis. even though, the main to strong analysis is not just an excellent exam approach, but additionally the data, the nature, and the private perfectionism of the general practitioner. If those elements are optimum, then the absolute best roentgenographic sequence could be received - no less than so far as the method is worried. All sufferers illustrated the following have been tested through the use of the enteroclysis approach. With this system of small bowel exam, the distinction fluid is run through an infusion at once into the duodenum rather than orally. The infusion approach has further a brand new size to the standard radiological exam of the small gut. this system can also be specifically fitted to the comparative assessment of motility, and the learn of disturbed motility. through the process the exam, the process should be tailored to important occasions at any given second and will be transformed to supply specified diagnostic roentgenograms and diagnosis.

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Segmentation of the contrast column Although the disintegration of the contrast column into segment clumps is usually observed together with flocculation, a separate discussion of this phenomenon is justified for several reasons. The segmentation picture was known long before that of flocculation. The reason is that flocculation is obtained only when the patient receives a reasonably homogeneous suspension of relatively small particles. When it was still customary to mix nutrients with the contrast medium, this requirement was certainly not satisfied.

G. b. g. b. 3. b. decreases to the advantage of the contrast fluid with the lowest specific gravity. The exp~riment was repeated, but this time the wooden beads were not located in the middle of the plastic pipes but along the wall. 15 shows the results, which are similar to those of the previous experiment. b. they are more clearly visible than in the previous experiment. g. g. b. less. b. decreased, the beads were significantly clearer in the contrast fluid with the lowest specific gravity. g.

The descending colon on the jejunum and ileum. 4. 1. Caused by other organs Exactly in the middle of the abdomen, we sometimes observe an abnormality in the convoluted intestinal loops that is seen only in the prone position; it is because a sagging loop of the transverse colon is filled with feces (fig. 24). A fairly recent phenomenon is the appearance of a large abnormality in the convoluted intestinal loops in the lower left or lower right abdomen due to the presence of a heterotopically transplanted kidney (fig.

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