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Ideally these cases are investigated further by lung scanning, using albumin microspheres or macroaggregates, usually labelled with technetium. 4). These areas follow a segmental distribution, usually extend to the lung periphery, and sometimes possess the shape of a truncated cone. 5). Anterior, posterior, oblique and lateral views are usually obtained. Correlation with the plain chest radiograph is imperative. 4. 3 reveals diminished perfusion in the left lower lobe. The scan was normal four weeks later.

It can now be appreciated that collapse is a common, but not inevitable, result of bronchial obstruction. 1), and the collapse-consolidation not infrequently found after major chest trauma, where respiration is often inadequate. In the latter situation, bronchiolar mucous plugging and surfactant loss may be causative factors. 1. Severe pneumococcal pneumonia causing some loss of volume of the right upper lobe. Note the air-containing bronchi within the lobe. accompanying some 'simple' pneumonias, the patency of the major bronchi is apparent on good quality films or tomograms.

4. Right lower lobe abscess in an 78-year-old male, caused by an infected bronchial cyst. Surrounding Lung Cavitation may be represented only by a fluid level within a large area of, consolidation representing pneumonia. 2). 2. Cavitating pneumonias. Primary bacterial pneumonia Tuberculous Staphylococcal Klebsiella Pseudomonas Non-specific Underlying bronchial occlusion Tumour Foreign body Bronchostenosis Aspiration pneumonia Fungal pneumonia Underlying pulmonary abnormality Bronchiectasis Sequestration Bronchial cyst bronchostenosis or foreign body and is frequently associated with some loss of volume in the pulmonary lobe or segments involved.

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