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By H.H. Coenen, John Mertens, Bernard Mazière

This compendium describes the foremost construction routes of the six such a lot proper iodine radio isotopes and a few of the equipment of labeling molecules of organic, diagnostic or pharmaceutical curiosity with them. The chapters describe the fundamental response mechanisms, and the impact of iodine advent on physical/chemical and pharmacological homes. They comprise examples of vital response pathways for the instruction of radio-iodine compounds.

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All radiopharmaceuticals for human use and long-term experiments in animals should be sterile and apyrogenic. Sterile labelled solutions can easily be prepared by filtration of the radiopharmaceutical through a membrane filter of low porosity (0:22 mm) and by following aseptic procedures in a laminar flow hood. Pyrogens or endotoxins are soluble polysaccharides or proteins produced by microorganisms. They cannot be removed by filtration. v. administration, pyrogens produce symptoms of fever, joint pain, sweating and headache.

3, the site of substitution of the halogen will rule the increase of lipophilicity. e. 3: Spatial SAA representation of 4-F-2-I-alkylphenylketone in CLC position and 4-I-alkylphenylketone, respectively the polar C5O group perpendicular to that plane, yields the lowest modification of the SAA and then the lowest increase of lipophilicity [27]. Theoretical estimation of the log P of a molecule is easily obtained by adding the substituent constants p [29] or the hydrophobic fragmental constants f [28] of its constituents and substituents.

J Med Chem 33:2065–2068 [45] Jung YW, Van Dort ME, Wieland DM (1991) Synthesis of (Æ)-I-125-iodobenzovesamicol: a cholinergic neuron marker. J Label Comp Radiopharm 30:387–388 [46] Gildersleeve DL, Van Dort ME, Johnson JW, Sherman PS, Wieland DM (1996) Synthesis and evaluation of [123 I]-iodo-PK11195 for mapping peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptors (omega 3) in heart. Nucl Med Biol 23:23–28 [47] Rafii H, Chalon S, Ombetta JE, Frangin Y, Pourcelot L, Besnard JC, Bodard S, Guilloteau D (1996) An iodinated derivative of moclobemide as potential radioligand for brain MAO-A exploration.

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