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By D. H. R. Barton

R.B. Woodward, Professor of technology at Harvard college, who died in July 1979, used to be typically thought of to be the best natural chemist of contemporary instances. He used to be one of many founders of Tetrahedron and Tetrahedron Letters and this quantity, containing papers from over 50 of the world's top natural chemists, is devoted to his reminiscence. The contents conceal all components of recent natural chemistry and as a result current a synopsis of present learn during this region of technology

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2. 7 (4 H, m, aromatic). 0]oct-2en-l-one (16). 5 ml, lOOvols) and water (10 ml) in acetic acid (70ml) was kept at 0-5° for 3 days, then poured into water (800ml), and extracted with ether (100ml). p. p. 4. 94 (each 1 H, m, CH=CH). Methyl 2-(Dichloromethyl)-5-trimethylsilylcyclopent-3enecarboxylate (17). 25 g, 1 mmol), benzonitrile (103 mg, lmmol), hydrogen peroxide (30 mg, lOOvols) and potassium hydrogen carbonate (20mg) in methanol (5 ml) was stirred under nitrogen at room temperature for 48 h.

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