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Examples: speech that is aimless, is too detailed, makes no sense, contains phrases or thoughts with little or no logical connection, has rapid changes of topic so that ideas are not completed, has nothing to do with the topic being discussed. 8. Hallucinations. Hears voices or sounds, sees, feels, smells, or tastes something with no apparent source outside of himself. " 9. Social Isolation. Avoidance of contact or involvement with people; preference for being alone, feelings of isolation, rejection, or discomfort with people.

Was it possible that people were consciously or unconsciously prolonging or exaggerating their symptoms in order to be compensated for them? Alternatively, it was suggested that the litigants were a biased sample in that they were the m o r e disturbed of the valley survivors.

He was knocked about and badly bruised by the flood waters as he was pressed against the porch of his son's home. He and his son were finally able to get the grandchildren to safety also. Si = 5. Ms. D. Ms. D. recalled that all at once water started coming into the house through the back kitchen door. She grabbed her 8-year-old brother and her 2-year-old sister in her arms and tried to go out the back door but the water was too deep and the house started to float. She and her brother then got out another door and climbed onto the roof of one of the cars parked outside.

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