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By Kate Brian

Ariana Osgood governed unique Easton Academy—until she used to be arrested for murdering Thomas Pearson. She’s spent the earlier years on the Trumball Correctional Facility, for the criminally insane, plotting her get away, and he or she is decided to get a moment probability on the glamorous lifestyles she left in the back of. And Ariana will do something to get her manner. . . .

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Ariana closed her eyes, crossed her fingers, held her breath. " The laughter came as a surprise. Ariana didn't know that Grandma Covington was capable of laughter. "And here I thought you'd changed," Grandma Covington said acerbically. " the woman asked. " Ariana's fingers dug into the bedspread and twisted. Begging? She was begging for her life here, not just for the money. And a million dollars was a drop in the bucket to this woman. Was she really going to turn her down? "That's not what I'm doing, Grandma," Ariana said, trying to control the irate quiver in her voice.

You always do. When she opened her eyes again, Palmer was looking right at her with obvious longing in his eyes. She felt the force of his gaze deep 150 down inside her and, for a moment, allowed herself to relish it, and to relish the thrill of being right. He wanted her. A hot, desirable, unattainable boy was obviously attracted to her. It was the best feeling in the world. But he had a girlfriend. Which made him scummier than the underside of this boat just for looking at her that way. Control yourself, Ariana.

Her heart started to pound and she felt sweat beads popping up along her hairline and above her upper lip. Ariana savored her adrenaline. She would need it to help her overpower Kaitlynn, who was slightly bigger and probably stronger than she was. If she could just harness her anger, this could all be over in a matter of minutes. All she had to do was stay strong, stay focused, for that long. Then she would be free. Tiptoeing ever so carefully, Ariana approached the bed. She could 145 see the outline of Kaitlynn's slumbering form, turned on her side, away from the door.

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