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Dishonest, partying, blackmail, and now...murder? Can the Billings ladies stay untouchable? Reed's boyfriend, Thomas Pearson -- the preferred, easygoing, irresistibly good-looking and charismatic boy she fell in love with -- is useless. not anyone understands the way it occurred, and everybody is after the reality. Or are they? existence at Easton Academy starts off to believe very diversified. Taylor is appearing just like the poster baby for Prozac, Kiran is spiking her cornflakes, Noelle is being sort of...nice, and Arianna retains floating alongside as though not anything has occurred. Thanksgiving holiday arrives and Reed and Josh locate themselves by myself on campus. they're compelled to confront the sentiments they have been hiding. these emotions mixed with an empty campus lead to the most well liked hookup Reed may be able to think. but if Reed breaks the inside track approximately Josh to the Billings ladies, there is not any enjoyable video game of tell-all. as an alternative, Josh starts to appear like suspect No. 1 within the homicide of Thomas Pearson. the precise existence Reed has built as a Billings woman starts off to disintegrate. And as all people turns into extra confident of Josh's guilt, Reed's inner most suspicions lead her someplace she does not are looking to cross.

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I took one look at him and cracked up laughing. It felt so, so good to laugh. Josh slowly wiped the paint from his nose with his fingertips, making a nice, wide smear across his cheek. "Oh my God! You're right! I do feel better," I said. It hurt to laugh, like I was using a muscle that hadn't been exercised in too long. Josh turned around and I was hit in the face with a smattering of green. Kid was so quick I never even saw it coming. "Touche," I said, wiping my forehead. I grabbed another vat of paint and hit him again.

Pop a Prozac and get over it already. " Taylor winced at Noelle's words and my heart went out to her. I reached out to pat her back, but she jumped up before I could touch her. "I have to go to the nurse," she said. She fumbled to get her bag strap off the back of her chair and knocked it over in the process, causing a huge clatter in the otherwise silent room. Everyone once again looked at us, and Taylor was mortified. She ducked her head and ran, her now ever- present tissue covering her nose.

At least I hadn't been forced to lie about the quiz. After my encounter with Josh the night before, I had been in a manic state of selfloathing and simultaneous euphoria that had made me more hyper than ten shots of espresso. With my desk light on half the night I had actually managed to study and absorb enough info to squeak by. Thank God. Because after the head rush of the first-honors ceremony I had run to the post office to grab my grades. All B's. Every last one of them. Except for history.

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