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Forbidden fruit... Reed, Noelle, and previous Billings women Kiran and Taylor were residing it up on St. Barths over wintry weather holiday. The tropical sunlight has melted away the entire tensions of final semester, and for the 1st time in months, Reed is excited. She's received her most sensible pals by means of her part, she has a palatial suite with an ocean view, and she's landed Upton, the main sought-after man at the island. Reed is falling in love. yet courting Upton makes Reed St. Barths' highest-profile visitor -- and never in a great way. Upton has a gloomy prior, and he is damaged loads of hearts. one in every of his exes nonetheless desires him. And she'll do no matter what it takes to get Reed out of the image.

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Whose side would she have taken? Paige, Poppy, and Sienna hadn't spoken to me once at dinner last night. Hadn't even looked in my direction. I wondered if Jen would have sided with them and given me the cold shoulder, or if she would have been okay with me and Upton. If Sawyer was right--if Jen and I were anything alike--I liked to think she would have been on my side. "That's why I was so surprised when Kiran had the idea for this party. I thought she didn't know I existed," Sawyer said as he reached for the butter.

New Year's Eve. He was goingto leave his lifelong friends at this kick- ass party just to be with me. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. Instead I turned around and traipsed down the sandy walkway to join my friends at the pool. The guys were hanging out at a couple of high-top tables, munching on finger foods while the girls were in the pool, hanging out on the steps. "Reed, that boy is so in love with you they should write Hallmark cards about it," Kiran said as I joined them.

After eating 59 here practically every morning of the trip, I had the thing memorized. "I was having deep thoughts," I confessed, crossing my arms on thetabletop. Sawyer raised his eyebrows as he looked up from his menu. " "Upton," I replied. " He looked down again and set the menu aside. When his eyes met mine, there was something guarded in them, even as he attempted to smile. " "He wants me to be his long-distance girlfriend," I told him. "He wants me to .. " "You don't want to do that," Sawyer said firmly.

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