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A separate in-depth study o f the subject pronominal case-marking system is undertaken in Chapter VI. Chapter W discusses the categories of aspect, directionality and negation in P i l e While Chapters IV,V, VI, and W pay attention to the lexical and grammtical properties of nouns and verbs, Chapter VTIC attends to noun pbrase cadency, and Chapter IX to the syntax ofbasic declarative clauses. Chapter IX discusses the syntactic encoding of subject and objects, and in connection with overt coding properties of subject and obj- a(so the basic word order patterns that the language exhibits.

5. e. e. P2). These differences have no implications for political or social cohesion between the people; the Pilaga share cultural and political ties, and have a clear consciousness that they belong to the same ethnic group, despite superticial linguistic differences. In Table 1, I list the alternations between sounds and morphemes that I have collected so far, fiom younger speakers of the two areas. TABLE 1. k 'tall' daqaegem ~~qvl3em 'Hedistnrsthim' taeta taw 'They come out ' noe 'n noi'n 'good' or 'beautifd' iyen Y ben 'Hetries.

I returned to the field in June 1997, and settled in the town of Las Lomitas until December 1999. During that time, I payed periodic visits to Laqtasatanyi and Campo del Cido. I worked on the recording and transuiption of texts with the fdowing traditional speakers from Laqtasatanyi and Camp del Cielo: AIberto Navarrete, Jdio Quiroga, Forhrnata G o d e q Julio S - and Gabino Acosta I also recorded texts from other traditional speakers such as Patricio P- (La Bomba), MO Florico (El Descans~)~ Julio Quiroga (San Martin 2), Marco Herrera (El SimboIar), and Solano Caballero (Pom Molina).

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