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By Robert J. Randisi

A Debt to the Dead

For Daniel Shaye and his boys, the legislations comes moment, relations first. So while a letter -- an pressing cry for support -- arrives from a girl who claims to be the mum of a kid sired via Shaye's overdue son, Matthew, the previous lawman and his extended family saddle up and head out for Pearl River Junction.

The determined younger lady is probably not telling the entire fact -- mendacity as a substitute approximately her boy's parentage to get the Shaye weapons in the back of her as safeguard from a chilly killer and his bloodthirsty gang. there is a whirlwind of demise and destruction blowing in, and now Dan and his sons are without delay in its course. yet Shaye taught his sons good to face up for justice -- and that even a city filled with strangers is worthy scuffling with for . . . and death for.

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Shaye looked at his sons. Thomas looked rock steady, James nervous. That was only natural. James was the youngest, Thomas—bigger, older, more confident—he had gunplay in his blood. Shaye wasn’t proud of that fact, but he had to admit it had come in handy in the past—and would come in handy now. “Okay,” Shaye said, “Thomas goes out the door first and we follow right close behind. ” 45 ROBERT J. R ANDISI “Ready, Pa,” James said. Thomas just nodded and stepped through the batwing doors. When Giffiths saw Thomas Shaye exit the saloon, followed by his father and brother, he pushed his partners and said, “Spread out.

I reckon we got to talk more, brother,” he said. ” “You’re right, little brother,” Thomas said. ” “God,” James said, “we’ve spent the better part of a year here, not really knowin’ what each other was thinkin’? That’s sad. ” James was going to say something else, but the waiter came over and asked what they wanted. Thomas ordered three steak and egg breakfasts and a pot of coffee. ” “James, this letter is our chance to get out of this town,” Thomas said. ” “Yeah, but . . ” “No, I don’t,” Thomas said, “but I think Pa is gonna 15 ROBERT J.

Folks had been leaving the three men alone during their infrequent visits to town. Now Dan Shaye was in town for the second day in a row and trouble was already dogging him. There was going to be trouble. Even though it wouldn’t be their fault, Abner knew the Shayes would get the blame. That’s just the way it was. q 11 “Just sit tight, boys,” Shaye said to his sons. He got up and walked to the bar to talk to Abner. ” “Jest waitin’,” Abner said. ” “Looks like,” the black man said. ” “Got to, eventually,” Shaye said.

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