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By James P. Spradley

This article is a persist with as much as Spradley's previous ethographic study instruction manual, The Ethnographic Interview, and publications scholars during the means of player commentary to analyze ethnography and tradition. Spradley additionally teaches scholars find out how to study the information they gather, and write an ethnography. The appendices comprise learn questions and writing initiatives.

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Thousands of people congregated on this beach each day during the summer and he simply became an anonymous participant and observed what happened. Although he obtained permission for individual interviews, much of his data was gathered by participant observation. He observed, for example, the way people claimed a small territory for personal use, spread out their beach towels, and protected their belongings. It would have been virtually impossible to gain permission from all the people he watched.

3. Social Situations with Similar Activities. Social situations can become linked for the investigator in a third way: through the similarity in activities. Actors: The Jesus People FIGURE 8. 44 A Network of Social Situations LOCATING A SOCIAL SITUATION As your research progresses, you may want to expand it by identifying a single kind of activity (for example, swimming, waiting in line, buying used cars), then finding other places to observe similar activities. For instance, if you studied swimming, you could conduct observations in backyard swimming pools, rivers, lakes, and public pools, all the time focusing on this one kind of activity.

A - - - - - - - - - - - PROJECT BEGINS - - - - - ---7 PROJECT ENDS Participant observation begins with wide-focused descriptive observations. Although these continue until the end of the field project, as indicated by the broken lines, the emphasis shifts first to focused observations and later to selective observations. FIGURE 6. Changes In the Scope of Observation of fieldwork in order to know what to look for during your next period of participant observation. In this book we will examine four major kinds of ethnographic analysis: domain analysis (Step Six), taxonomic analysis (Step Eight), componential analysis (Step Ten), and theme analysis (Step Eleven).

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