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Contains his vintage evaluate of symbolism.

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Mount, in talking to Richard, refers to his friend Ripton thus: ' '' HOW'Sthat Mr. -it's not complimentary, but I can't remember names of that sort. Why do you have friends of that sort ? " ' ... 1 In literature disparagement is often indicated by the forgetting of other matters besides names. Thus, iti Bernard Shaw's ' Casar and Cleopatra,' b a r ' s indifference to Clcopatra is depicted by his being vexed on leaving Egypt at having forgotten something he hae to do. F i y he recollects what it is-to say good-bye to Clcopatra.

The two intentions, both of which I was anxious not to forget, were kept distinct from each other, as if in water-tight compartments. When the time came I forgot the hospital appointment, and to my intense chagrin heard that my chief was very annoyed at being called away from his luncheon on account of my apparent unpardonable remissness. The self-reproach one feels on recollecting the forgotten duty on these and similar occasions is indicative of the true significance of the occurrence. This significance is intuitively realised in the case of lovers.

Many people have a strikingly bad memory for names, even when their memory is otherwise good. This is generally explained by saying that proper names are among the latest acquired knowledge, so that our memory of them is especially fragile; in accordance with the law of dissolution, these memories are among the first to be lost, a process that constitutes one of the most characteristic signs of approaching senility. This explanation is difficult to harmonise with two facts-first, that in many cases the memory is weak in this connection when it is notably good in regard to other more complex, and later acquired matters, such as scientific formulae and so on; and, secondly, that the characteristic in question is much more pronounced with some people than with others, and even when they are young.

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