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By Virender K. Sharma

Explains the position of reactive intermediates in organic structures in addition to in environmental remediation

With its transparent and systematic method, this ebook tested the huge variety of reactive intermediate that may be generated in organic environments, detailing the elemental homes of every reactive intermediate. Readers achieve a latest realizing of ways those intermediates react with assorted compounds, with an emphasis on amino acids, peptides, and proteins. the writer not just units forth the fundamental chemistry and nature of reactive intermediates, he additionally demonstrates how the homes of the intermediates offered within the publication evaluate with every one other.

Oxidation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins starts with a dialogue of radical and non-radical reactive species in addition to an exploration of the importance of reactive species within the surroundings, disinfection tactics, and environmental remediation. subsequent, the ebook covers such issues as:

  • Thermodynamics of amino acids and reactive species and the impact of metal-ligand binding in oxidation chemistry
  • Kinetics and mechanisms of reactive halogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sulfur and phosphate species in addition to reactive high-valent Cr, Mn, and Fe species
  • Reactivity of the species with molecules of organic and environmental importance
  • Generation of reactive species within the laboratory for kinetics studies
  • Oxidation of amino acids, peptides, and proteins via permanganate, ferryl, and ferrate species
  • Application of reactive species in purifying water and treating wastewater

With this booklet as their advisor, readers can be capable of examine the general results of reactive intermediates in organic environments. in addition, they’ll the way to practice this data for winning water purification and wastewater treatment.

Chapter 1 Reactive Species (pages 1–51):
Chapter 2 Acid–Base houses (pages 52–77):
Chapter three Halogenated Species (pages 78–121):
Chapter four Reactive Oxygen Species (pages 122–204):
Chapter five Reactive Inorganic Oxy?Species of C, N, S, and P (pages 205–277):
Chapter 6 High?Valent Cr, Mn, and Fe Species (pages 278–382):

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