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By Adrian P. Cooper

"From the earliest days of pondering guy, humans across the world have meditated the character of the Universe, our planet, and of ourselves. What does all of it suggest? Why am I the following? what's the actual function of my existence? what is going to occur to me after I die? Will I go back once more for one more lifestyles on Earth?" So starts off the 1st paragraph of this ebook, summarising and encapsulating very succinctly either the explanation i used to be encouraged to put in writing Our final truth and a concise precis of the contents contained therein. As we strategy the tip of an exceptional age for humanity, an increasing number of humans from all walks of what we all know as "life" are asking what all of it capacity for them, for his or her households and for his or her destiny life on the earth we name "Earth". Our final truth, lifestyles, the Universe and future of Mankind is your entire reference and consultant for realising the Divine history of every and each considered one of us as equivalent features of our author, a lifetime of ideal happiness, health and wellbeing, abundance, fulfilment and religious evolution. This ebook has been written in a contemporary, comprehensible, non-mystical means, taking off in a concise, logical, effortless to stick with layout, all you must be aware of in an effort to comprehend, pursue and fully grasp your personal precise power in this pivotally very important period. I want you each attainable good fortune as you keep on with your personal real future at the direction of go back to our Divine writer from Whom we got here first and foremost, and need that this publication will turn out to be your priceless consultant and spouse.

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Buddhism is based upon four noble truths and the eightfold path. The four noble truths may be summarized as follows: The first noble truth teaches that to most people, life is suffering, which includes pain, disease and untimely death. Suffering also includes loneliness, fear, frustration, disappointment and anger. Buddhism teaches how to avoid these pitfalls, all of which due to the way people live and think. The second noble truth states that suffering is due to craving and aversion. It teaches that people will suffer if they expect others to conform to their own expectations.

Buddhism teaches the ―wholeness‖ of everything in the Universe and the methods for becoming One with wholeness. This is the ultimate objective of enlightenment, and once enlightenment has been achieved, there are no longer any doubts as to the true nature of the Universe, of reality or of true purpose. This is the same ultimate reality and the ultimate destiny of all mankind that everyone will, sooner or later realise. The Buddhist is acutely aware of the existence and nature of karma and of the continuous cycle of birth and rebirth known as ―reincarnation‖, all of which are discussed in more depth later in this book.

It is the Father of all works of wonder in the World. Its power is complete. Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind 52 The Emerald Tablet of Hermes If cast to Earth, it will separate Earth from Fire, the subtle from the gross. With great capacity it ascends from Earth to Heaven. Again it descends to Earth, and takes back the power of the above and below. Thus you will receive the glory of the distinctiveness of the World. All obscurity will flee from you. This is the whole most strong strength of all strength, for it overcomes all subtle things, and penetrates all solid things.

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