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By R. Bruce King (Eds.)

Over one hundred sixty distinct and confirmed strategies for the practise of particular organometallic compounds are given in quantity four. half I comprises methods for the synthesis of seventy six forms of transition steel organometallic compounds, and half II systems for the synthesis of eighty five nontransition steel organometallic compounds. In either elements, the editors have sought to incorporate tactics that provide the secure, trustworthy synthesis of organometallic compounds which could lay a few declare to importance in present chemical study. This value might be in keeping with different factors similar to: (a) the synthesis describes the formation of an strange or much less universal structural kind; (b) the compound ready is an invaluable intermediate in different syntheses; (c) the compound is a version reagent for investigating the mechanisms of varied primary or business methods, comparable to the Fischer-Tropsch response; (d) the compound is an invaluable reagent in natural synthesis; and (e) the suggestions hired within the synthesis of the compound are strange and precious of additional program, akin to metal-atom and electrochemical techniques

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J. Keller, P. Laubereau and D. Nöthe, Z. C. Bernier and 0. Kahn, Chem. Phys. Letters, 19(1973)414. H. KÖHLER Anorganisch-chemisches Institut, Technische Universität München, Lichtenbergstr. 4, D-8046 Garching, West-Germany HC1/THF Cr · (C 5 H 5 )Na ^ Early CrCl2(THF) ► 2 Cr reports on chromocene describe starting materials with chromium in the formal oxidation [Cr(NH3)g](C5H5)3 which responding nitrate with CrClo may be 3 or thermally; (C 5 H 5 )MgBr, 2 (C5H5)Na can be state obtained cyclopentadienide treated with with from may an chromium vapor.

The CO labelled compound shows IR 48 absorptions at 1844sh and 1816vs cm (THF) and 1783 cm (acetone). REFERENCES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 R. Ercoli, F. Calderazzo and A. Alberola, J. Am. Chem. S o c , 82 (1960) 2966. M. E. Podall, Chem. Ind. (London), (1961) 144. G. Silvestri, S. Gambino, M. Guainazzi and R. Ercoli, J. Chem. , (1972) 2558. F. Calderazzo and G. Pampaloni, J. Organomet. , 250 (1983) C33. Unless otherwise stated, all the operations are carried out under an atmo­ sphere of prepurified nitrogen or argon.

E. Bercaw. J. Am. Chem. S o c , 107 (1985) 2670. 5. N. W. Parshall, J. Am. Chem. S o c , 93 (1971) 3793. 6. H. Yasuda, T. Okamoto, T. Arai, and A. Nakamura, unpublished result. 31 BIS(n5-CYCL0PENTADIENYL)(ALLYL) COMPLEXES OF NIOBIUM AND TANTALUM Takuji Okamoto, Hajime Yasuda, and Akira Nakamura Department of Macromolecular Science, Faculty of Science, Osaka University, Toyonaka, Osaka 560, Japan (A) M (B) + R'^Ny^MgBr + M'-H R= H H ^ 1 (C) W + R R2 \A^RA R3 1 INTRODUCTION R ~R A = H,CH3 Allylniobium and allyltantalum compounds were first prepared according 1 2 to the method (A) and then following the method (B).

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