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By Hobson Brown

Again for her moment yr, Nikki Olivetti sounds like she's eventually discovering her manner at Wellington. And she's able to express another individual the ropes, anyone new, anyone like Delia Breton, a move pupil from California with a gloomy previous. notwithstanding Delia does not rather slot in at any place, she understands how you can celebrate everywhere.But while the search for enjoyable takes Nikki and Delia off campus, they locate themselves in deep trouble. no matter if they make it again, they may have perpetually ruined their possibilities of graduating to the higher category.

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Delia’s at her locker. It’s funny: Out on the field, under the sky, playing a game with these girls, she felt no competition. But now that the game is over, the game has just begun. Nikki’s old advisor, Mr. Murdock, had been an introverted ceramics instructor who couldn’t even relate to his own daughters. When Nikki came crying to him after Dean Talliworth told her to stop dressing “promiscuously,” Mr. Murdock accidentally knocked a vase off his desk. This 45 summer, Seth suggested switching to his old advisor, Patrick Somerset.

Parker catches up with Laine, who’s popped in to say hi. Laine’s playing Varsity Field Hockey again, and she’s fresh from practice, grass bits plastered to shin guards, cheeks red. ” Parker asks. Laine shrugs. “Yeah. ” “I hear you,” Parker says, legs crossed Indian-style in the butterfly chair, braiding strands of her long hair. ” “Exactly,” Laine says. Nikki was nervous to see both girls, not for any reason, but she was shaking when she hugged them hello yesterday. Parker is more confident this September, but also closed, as if the price of her morale was shutting out society.

She can feel her mother’s fingers taking Delia’s thick hair, twirling it around her wrist, saying, Look at that, look at that rope. She likes soccer, which is where she’s headed. She knew she’d make Varsity, and she did. And she likes the field, the grass crisp and dying, the brisk air that keeps body temperatures down. This is better than playing in California. All her life, she and her brothers spent afternoons kicking the 44 ball around the yard in bathing suits, wearing black DC sneakers, Public Enemy blaring on the radio, sweating.

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