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A different reference, protecting each point of wine and wine-making. curiosity in wine has exploded lately. This booklet is a entire advisor to the expert phrases utilized in transforming into, generating and tasting wine. It covers uncomplicated suggestions, from the differing kinds of grape, areas and techniques of starting to be vines, all through to the completed product. excellent for the fanatic or pupil of wine or wine-making.

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Pronounced a p2oly@) Aquileia DOC Italy a DOC zone in the Friuli region of northeastern Italy that grows a number of different grape varieties to produce a range are A A A A A A A A A A A A 19 A of wines, most of which are light- or medium-bodied and few of which are exported (pronounced Âkwi la  y @) a  n Arago Spain a wine-producing area in the Rioja region of northern Spain that produces dark red wines from Grenache (Garnacha) grapes (pronounced Ârr@ go Ân a or  rr@g@n) a Aragonez another name for Tempranillo (used in Portugal) Aramon a red-wine grape variety used in producing a hybrid rootstock that was widely used in California from the 1950s until attacked by a new strain of phylloxera root aphid in the late 1980s.

Pronounced ÂÅ nay  mm@ ro a Âll@)  l poli che del@ va Also called Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone ambra Italian amber (pronounced  mbr@) a See also Marsala DOC amelioration techniques used to improve a wine, including adding sugar, water or acid to help balance the taste American hybrid any one of the varieties of grape that have been selectively bred in the USA, usually the result of a cross between a common American grape variety and a traditional European variety Americano another name for Isabella American oak oak used to make barrels in which wines are aged, giving the wines a distinctive vanilla and cedar flavour as well as an oak flavour American Viticultural Area USA any one of the delimited geographical grape-growing areas in the USA that have been given appellation status by the main Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in a system established in 1970 and loosely modelled on the original French 14 A Oddbins Dictionary of Wine A A A A A A A A A A A A AOC system.

This grape variety produces lower-quality wines and is often used to add depth of colour to wines made from other grape varieties. (pronounced Ânti b2o shay) ali ka Alicante DO Spain a DO zone in the southeast of Spain in Alicante province that grows mostly Monastrell and Grenache (Garnacha) grape 10 A Oddbins Dictionary of Wine A A A A A A A A A A A A varieties to produce full-bodied red wines and the Merseguera grape variety to produce dry white wines. It also produces a sweet white wine from Muscat grapes and the high-alcohol Fondillon wine from the Monastrell grape variety.

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