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By R. Sean Borgstrom, Bruce Baugh

In Nobilis, gamers tackle the jobs of the Sovereign Powers, every one the personification of 1 unmarried point of truth: evening, roads, ecstasy, chains, time, water - regardless of the gamers can conceive of. as soon as human, each one personality has been without end replaced, imbued with outstanding energy and poor accountability. Heaven and Hell, angels and devils, the Giants and the outdated Gods - in Nobilis, all are united within the nice struggle opposed to the Excrucians, whose aim is to damage all production - yet all are divided by means of their very own plots and old rivalries, to boot.

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Most modern societies train their children to live on the prosaic Earth . Some Chancels raise children who live entirely in the mythic world . Either way, a human can recant their viewpoint at any time . Humans who choose the mythic world, however, have trouble communicating with those in the prosaic Earth ; this condition is known as dementia animus in cultures wealthy enough to support psychiatric medicine . This "mental illness" can be acute, chronic, or permanent. Excrucians (including Excrucian-shards and Excrucian Anchors) can also choose which view they hold .

But if both parties were looking? I do not think we are ready yet; I am no believer in psionic powers and the like. I simply have hopes that we will, centuries from now, be able to build a technology of the mind . " -from ESPER, by Grover Denmark Powers rarely leave the Earth to venture out onto the tree . The Hollyhock God can populate the Tree with whatever worlds they like . Under normal circumstances, Pcs visit the other worlds of the Tree only when the HG has inspired them to do so - for example, when someone the Pcs are chasing crosses out onto the tree, or when the Imperator sends a Pc to another world with a message .

Though these creatures are technically sentient, they are flighty and reluctant to communicate with the Powers who do not share their Estate . Then there are the smallest lives : the anguli and minime of pebbles and branches and banks of snow . One kind of Earthly magic, known as elementalism, involves binding these creatures into service ; it is the only method by which wizards living on the prosaic Earth can interact with these creatures at all . When every stone is alive and every car has a mind of its own, the world operates on fundamentally different rules .

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