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Hahn, H. K. -O. (2007). Automatic Quantification of DTI Parameters along Fiber Bundles, Proceeding of Image Processing for Medicine (BVM 2007), pp. 272–2. , van der Linden, A. & van Dyck, D. (2005). Mathematical framework for simulating diffusion tensor mr neural fiber bundles, Magnetic resonance in medicine 53(4): 944–953. , Chen, D. Z. & Sonka, M. (2004a). Efficient optimal surface detection: theory, implementation, and experimental validation, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series, Vol.

In general, changes in BOLD signal correlate well with changes in blood flow. , the energy consumption of the neuronal population); therefore, it indirectly Exploring brain circuitry: Simultaneous application of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging 31 measures neuronal activity composed of CBF contributions from larger arteries and veins, smaller arterioles and venules, and capillaries. Experimental results indicate that the BOLD signal can be weighted to the smaller vessels, and hence, closer to the active neurons, by using alternative MRI techniques (Song, et al.

For example, w when TMS is dellivered mulus interval of 1–4 ms, the first pulse suppressses the to motor cortex wiith an inter-stim mplitude of the motor m potential ev voked by the seccond pulse, consiistent with intraccortical am inh hibition. Howeveer, with intervalss of 8–15 ms, th he second pulse evokes a larger motor po otential than an equivalent singlee-pulse TMS, co onsistent with in ntra-cortical faciliitation. An nother common setup s is the double-coil wherein th he TMS pulse is aapplied simultan neously thrrough two coils positioned p in two different brain n regions; it has b been used for stu udying inttra-cortical interaactions and for co omparing the pro ocessing times of different brain reegions.

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