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By L. A. Meyer

The notorious pirate, riverboat seductress, grasp of conceal, and street-urchin-turned-sailor Jacky Faber has been captured via the French and beheaded in complete view of her acquaintances and crew.Inconceivable? convinced! the fact is she’s secretly pressured to pose as an American dancer behind enemy traces in Paris, the place she entices a French basic into revealing army secrets—all to save lots of her expensive associates. Then, in intrepid Jacky Faber type, she dons male garments and worms her means right into a publish as galloper with the French military, finally top a group of guys to struggle along the nice Napoleon.In this 6th installment of the Bloody Jack Adventures sequence, love and warfare collide because the irrepressible Jacky Faber units off on a bold event she vowed she’d by no means take.

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The four of us troop up two more ladders and gain the upper deck. The sun is setting and I look across the sea for the Nancy B, but I do not see her. Ah, well, it is better that I do not, I suppose, as she is part of my past and not part of whatever short life that might lie before me. The Sergeant strides across the deck and addresses the Officer of the Deck. "Beg your pardon, Sir, but the Captain ordered that she be brought up to see him when she was ... " Not spread out on a table, you mean, I snarl to myself.

He puts the thumb of his other hand inside the waistband and begins to slide my trousers down. That's when Daniel Prescott, who has been standing behind us, swings his arm back and brings his belaying pin down on the back of Bliffil's head. " he shouts and lifts his arm to hit him again and that sets it off. Better to die fighting than to die on the scaffold at Newgate! John Thomas slams his fist into the face of the Bo'sun, who goes down, his nose spurting blood. The Bo'sun drops his knobby, which Smasher McGee picks up and uses to flail away at all those on board who do not belong to our company, and he is deadly accurate with the thing.

As we swing around, I go to the after port cannon and sight along it. Smasher McGee is at the forward one. "Fire when she bears, Smasher," I order, sighting along my own gun. There is a crraack! as McGee fires, and through the smoke I can see that he has hit the pirate on her port bow, sending splinters up in a fine cloud of destruction. "Good shooting, McGee! " I shout and then pull my own lanyard. Crrraaack! goes my gun. The powder smoke drifts away, and I can see that my shot goes high, but at least it clears the decks of those supposed women in distress.

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