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By Philip L. Barlow

The Mormons were some of the most studied American spiritual teams; nonetheless, no consensus exists in regards to the crucial nature of the circulate or its position in American faith. during this research, Barlow analyzes the methods taken to the Bible through key Mormon leaders, from founder Joseph Smith as much as the current day. He indicates that Mormon attitudes towards the Bible include a rare mixture of conservative, liberal, and radical parts: a nearly fundamentalist adherence to the King James model of the Bible coexists with trust within the danger of latest revelation and remarkable principles at the limits of human language. Exploring this distinctive Mormon stance on scripture, Barlow takes vital steps towards unraveling the secret of this necessary American non secular phenomenon.

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12 By the early nineteenth century, the notion of the sovereignty of the people had captured the imagination of the new American nation. One result of this ascendant democratic mind-set was a general crisis in religious authority. 13 "No creed but the Bible" and "The Bible alone is good enough for me" became the watchwords of the day. " William Miller, a Vermont freethinker, turned himself into an Adventist leader by removing the "mantle of mysticism" from the scriptures, by rejecting "all commentaries, former views and prepossessions," and by "determining to read and trying to understand [the Bible] for 11.

Putteth," Mosiah 3:19). Much of this strained language was refined in the second edition (Kirtland, Ohio, 1837). The preface, for instance, was changed from its 1830 rendering, " . . "40 Like the revelations that preceded it, and even more extensively than scholars have heretofore guessed, the Book of Mormon narrative bulges with biblical expressions. More than fifty thousand phrases of three or more words, excluding definite and indefinite articles, are common to the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

18. Bushman, Joseph Smith, pp. 182—83. 19. In addition to the examples I note in the text, Marini, Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England, pp. 66, 72-74, provides several striking instances. Before Mormonism: Joseph Smith and the Bible, 1820-1830 19 band: "During this night I made a solemn covenant with God, that if he would let me live, I would endeavor to serve him according to the best of my abilities. Shortly after this, I heard a voice say to me, 'Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

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