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Back in print, this crucial reference for readers attracted to the Mormon path is a component historical past, half source e-book, half consultant and photographic essay. It contains an old advent, a chronology, excerpts from path diaries, in addition to maps, over 2 hundred then-and-now photographs, and outlines of significant museums and screens alongside the path. via the writer of earlier volumes at the Oregon, California, and Santa Fe trails.

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Their contribution to the development of the Mormon Trail was their cutting of the section of trail over the Wasatch and down Emigration Canyon into the valley that the Mormon pioneer vanguard party followed in 1847. James and Margaret Reed were members of the 1846 Donner-Reed Party. They had heard about Hastings’s new cutoff to California. At Fort Bridger the party turned off the established trail. They had already fallen behind the main companies but hoped they could catch up to those companies which were being guided by Hastings.

Most of the well-known mountain men were getting their start in the fur business. Men such as Jim Bridger, James Clyman, Joseph Reddeford Walker, Jedediah Smith, Thomas Fitzpatrick, and others were developing survival skills and learning about the area from the Mississippi/Missouri 18 · Early History · Valley to the Rockies. Most of these mountain men later became associated with the development of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails. Some of them also came to be associated with sites and events on the Mormon Trail.

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