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The Church of the Latter-day Saints, or the Mormon religion, is related to be the quickest growing to be faith on the earth this day. long ago thirty years it has elevated its club via 220 percentage to 11 million fans this present day, of which nearly six million reside outdoor the USA. This quantity explores the original character of the Mormon religion, its start in early the US, and the ways in which Mormonism and the US have grown up jointly. From founder Joseph Smith to celebrated golfer Johnny Miller, from Brigham younger to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve younger, from senator Orrin Hatch to contributors of the preferred making a song Osmond kin - the Mormons are a tremendous a part of American heritage and tradition.

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Mormons became known for their beehive hairdos, gelatin molds, Kerr canning jars filled with fruit, framed pictures of LDS temples and prophets, vinyl scripture tote bags, and rings with the initials CTR (“choose the right”). Other popular Mormon products include Franklin Quest day planners (business diaries) and Covey employee and management training seminars that help businesses improve their efficiency (company founder Stephen Covey is a prominent and successful LDS member; see page 108). Mormons have pioneered new foods, such as French fry sauce, honey butter and hot scones, root beer, and Jell-O salads.

Among the first was Sidney Rigdon (1801–1877), organizationally next in line but out of favor with Church leadership. Jesse James Strange (1813–1856), a leader from Wisconsin who had begun to receive revelations, was also rejected. In the end, Brigham Young (1801–1877, Mormon Faith in Americ a see page 41), one of the Church’s Apostles, who at the time of Smith’s death had been in England on a mission, eventually returned to Nauvoo, rallied the deflated Mormons, and became the Church's next prophet and president.

Young was impressed with the book, but did not convert immediately. In fact, he was not baptized into the LDS Church until 1832. ” Young soon traveled to Kirtland, Ohio (see page 28), and met Joseph Smith. In 1835, Young became one of the original Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (see page 19), the Church’s senior leadership. He became a key missionary, leading an early trip to England to convert new members. He and the other Mormons then embarked on the numerous forced migrations described in chapter 1.

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