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By Richard Ostling, Joan K. Ostling

who're the Mormons?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

  • Has over 12.5 million participants all over the world and is among the fastest-growing and so much centrally managed U.S.-based religions
  • Is through a long way the richest faith within the usa according to capita, with $25 to $30 billion in envisioned resources and $5 to $6 billion extra in envisioned annual income
  • Boasts such influential participants as Senate Majority chief Harry Reid and presidential candidate Mitt Romney

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He also launched his own version of the King James Bible, rewriting passages to make it conform more closely to his own teachings. In the fall of 1830, following a revelation to Smith, four missionaries set off to convert Indians. Two of them, Cowdery and the former Campbellite Parley Pratt, visited the fiery Campbellite preacher Sidney Rigdon in the village of Kirtland, near Cleveland. Rigdon converted to Mormonism, bringing his 127-member congregation with him. Soon the branch grew to 1,000 believers, and in 1831 Joseph Smith received a revelation to move the church headquarters from New York to a more hospitable Ohio.

In the winter of 1845–46, thousands of endowment rites were carried out in the new temple. The first contingent of Saints left Nauvoo in February, just five days after a vane in the shape of an angel had Sealed with Blood 19 been placed atop the tower on the temple. By the time summer arrived Nauvoo was largely empty. Thomas L. Kane, traveling through shortly thereafter, described the scene in his 1850 book The Mormons: I looked, and saw no one. I could hear no one move; though the quiet everywhere was such that I heard the flies buzz, and the waterripples break against the shallow of the beach.

Peace might have been possible if the prophet had been as gifted in politics as in oratory. He was not. Nor was he a good judge of men. His inner circle was in constant turmoil, with frequent turnover and alienation among his closest colleagues. Of the eleven official witnesses who testified 12 mormon america that they saw the Book of Mormon’s golden plates, two had soon died (the Whitmer brothers in 1835 and 1836), and among the nine who lived on, six at one time or another quit the prophet’s church or were excommunicated, though three later returned.

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