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By Ellis Peters

While a customer to the abbey dies, Brother Cadfael faces a private drama. For not just used to be the guy poisoned by means of monk's hood oil, made in Cadfael's personal laboratory, the lifeless man's widow can be the girl to whom Cadfael was once betrothed ahead of he took his vows.

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Yes, come if you have time, he’ll be glad to see you. ” “He’ll remember any who have the Welsh tongue,” said Cadfael simply. ” Brother Edmund took up his bag and turned to the door. The thin young man, all eyes, slipped aside and opened it for him civilly, and again closed it upon his smiling thanks. Not such a meagre young man, after all, inches above Cadfael’s square, solid bulk, and erect and supple of movement, but lean and wary, with a suggestion of wild alertness in his every motion. He had a shock of light-brown hair, unkempt from the rising wind outside, and the trimmed lines of a fair beard about lips and chin, pointing the hungry austerity of a thin, hawk-featured face.

So might I be,” opined Cadfael, “if I had nothing to do but sit there and mope, and wonder if I’d done well to part with my lands, even in old age. ” “The girl,” said Mark judiciously, “is pretty. ” “I have not. And you, my lad, should be averting your eyes from contemplation of women. ” “Very pretty. Not very tall, round and fair, with a lot of yellow hair, and black eyes. It makes a great effect, yellow hair and black eyes. I saw her come to the stable with some message for Aelfric yesterday.

Peter’s. Honey-baked cakes appeared, and dried fruits, and chickens, and even, sometimes, a haunch of venison, all devoted to the pittances that turned a devotional sacrament into a rare indulgence, a holy day into a holiday. Some, of course, were selective in their giving, and made sure that their alms reached abbot or prior, on the assumption that his prayers might avail them more than those of the humbler brothers. There was a knight of south Shropshire who was quite unaware that Abbot Heribert had been summoned to London to be disciplined, and sent for his delectation a plump partridge, in splendid condition after a fat season.

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