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A new identify for the trendy Grammars sequence so as to add to the prevailing eu Languages and to the imminent jap name. The grammar will current chinese language as spoken within the People's Republic of China (specifically, that spoken round Beijing) and provides all examples in simplified characters, conventional characters, romanization (pinyin) and in translation. it is going to stick with the sequence constitution (two components - one for grammar buildings, one for functions), with an accompanying workbook. Linguistic jargon can be stored to a minimal all through. we'll even be developing an accompanying homepage for the workbook with extra routines (and a reporting procedure permitting scholars to ship their effects to their tutors); this we are hoping will move additional to augment the functionality of the workbook.

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Most verbs take only a direct object. "# Wn kàn le nà xiq sht. I read those books. 5 The object may also occur before the subject for emphasis. In this position it is topicalized. 3 The position of prepositional phrases Prepositional phrases always occur right before the verb and its objects. "#$%& Tp gqn tp de nu péngyou chr wknfàn. He eats dinner with his girlfriend. 4 The position of location phrases The location phrase is a type of preposition phrase. It always occurs before the verb phrase.

Yr - èr - spn - sì - wo 1 2 3 4 5 • When it occurs in a phrase with a classifier, the number 2 is / likng. 1 Telephone numbers are recited as a series of single digits from zero to 9. When èr. "#$%&''(& Wn de diànhuà hàomk shì bp liù èr èr wo liù líng èr. My phone number is 8 6 2 2 5 6 0 2. 2 Numbers 11–19 Numbers 11–19 consist of the number 10 [ shí] followed by the number 1 [ through 9 [ jio] as follows. Note that the number 12 is shí’èr and not G shí likng. 3 shíyr shí’èr shíspn shísì shíwo 16 17 18 19 yr] / shíliù shíqr shíbp shíjio Numbers 20–90 Numbers 20, 30, 40, etc.

7 Lucky and unlucky numbers Some numbers have special significance in Chinese based on their value in traditional Chinese numerology or because they are near-homophones with a word with positive or negative connotations. Here some numbers with special significance. ’ Odd numbered items are appropriate for funerals and other sad occasions. ’ Even numbered items (except for the number 4) are appropriate for weddings and other happy occasions. 8 Numbers used in phrases and expressions Numbers, especially sequential numbers, are often used in Chinese phrases.

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