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By John Whitlam

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook is an cutting edge e-book of workouts and language projects for all newbies of Brazilian Portuguese. The publication is split into sections:

  • Part A offers workouts in accordance with crucial grammatical structures
  • Part B practises daily features (e.g. making social touch, asking questions and expressing needs).

A accomplished solution key behind the e-book permits you to money in your progress.

Modern Brazilian Grammar Workbook is perfect for all inexperienced persons who've a easy wisdom of Brazilian Portuguese, together with undergraduates taking Brazilian Portuguese as a tremendous or minor a part of their reviews, in addition to intermediate and complicated scholars in colleges and grownup schooling. it may be used independently or at the side of Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: a pragmatic Guide.

John Whitlam is a contract author, college lecturer and lexicographer dependent in Rio de Janeiro. He has authored a couple of language educating books and undertaking coordinated and co-authored 3 of the best-selling bilingual dictionaries of Portuguese and English.

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Põe um pouco de leite, por favor. (c) Ele ___________ muito prestativo quando pedi ajuda. (d) Amanhã ___________ sexta-feira. (e) Meu pai vai ___________ bravo quando souber disso. (f) Vamos acender a lareira? ___________ frio aqui dentro. (g) Você sabe onde ___________ o Sérgio? (h) A agência do correio ___________ ao lado do cinema. (i) Esse bolo ___________ uma delícia. Foi você que fez? (j) Os talheres já ___________ na mesa. (k) Quando ela me disse aquilo, ___________ arrasado. ” (m) Elas ___________ gêmeas, mas uma ___________ loura e a outra ___________ morena.

E você? – ___ (4) bom te ver de novo! Bárbara: Também acho. Nossa, ___ (5) sinto saudade daquela época da faculdade! Tereza: Eu também. ___ (6) boas lembranças! 13 Indefinite adjectives and pronouns 1 todo (s) /toda (s), tudo Sandra is writing an email to her boyfriend, Rodrigo, about her trip to Rio de Janeiro to visit her cousins, Gabriela and Gisele. Fill in the blanks, using todo(s), toda(s) or tudo in the correct form. Oi amor, __________________ (1)bem? Não prometi escrever para você __________________ (2) dia?

1 surpreso 2 surpreendido 3 surpreso or surpreendido 4 Perfect tenses How would you translate the following sentences into Portuguese? The infinitive of theverbs you need is given in brackets. (a) if he had finished (terminar) his work, he would have come (vir) to the party. (b) When you’ve read (ler) the letter, you can tell (dizer) me what you think (achar). (c) Have you been doing (fazer) your exercises every day? (d) I had forgotten (esquecer) it was her birthday. (e) You must (dever) have lost (perder) the key.

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