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By Thupten Jinpa, Peter Alan Roberts

The brain of Mahamudra is the 3rd quantity within the Tibetan Classics sequence, which goals to make to be had obtainable paperback variations of key Tibetan Buddhist works drawn from knowledge Publications' Library of Tibetan Classics.
Enjoy six key texts at the cornerstone meditation perform of the Kagyu university of Tibetan Buddhism via a few of its so much celebrated forebearers.
The brain of Mahamudra highlights mahamudra, the critical meditation perform of the Kagyu college of Tibetan Buddhism. The six texts diversity in date from the 12th to the 17th century and contain such celebrated authors as Lama Shang and the 3rd Karmapa. Mahamudra is largely an easy, direct technique for having a look past our suggestions to the very nature of awake event. Mahamudra actually potential "the nice seal" and masters of this custom have defined it to intend that every little thing is sealed with buddhahood, and there's no liberation to be attained except what's already current. Mahamudra, it really is acknowledged, isn't really attained now not since it is simply too tricky, yet since it is just too effortless; now not since it is simply too a ways, yet since it is just too shut; and never since it is hidden yet since it is simply too obvious. as a result of its universality and directness, mahamudra meditation is especially fitted to the fashionable West. Eminent student Peter Alan Roberts attracts on his thirty-plus years of expertise of translating for Tibetan lamas to light up those benchmark translations.

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