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By Joseph Mwalonya, Alison Nicolle, Steve Nicolle, Juma Zimbu, Bernd Heine, Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig

The Digo language is a Bantu language categorized as E.73 (Guthrie) or North-East Coast (Nurse). The Digo individuals are the second one greatest of 9 coastal ethnies often called the Mijikenda, and are focused within the coastal region and jap slopes of the coastal hills from Mombasa, Kenya, south to Tanga, Tanzania. in keeping with Digo oral culture the Mijikenda migrated within the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries from a spot in present-day Somalia, stressed from the Galla humans. There are envisioned to be approximately 360,000 Digos in Kenya and Tanzania. The Digo humans discuss with their language as Chidigo, in keeping with the Bantu be aware variety utilizing prefixes to point demeanour or means, together with manner of conversing. the current dictionary has been compiled as a part of the continuing paintings of the Digo Language and Literacy venture, that is a part of Bible Translation and Literacy (East Africa), a Kenyan non-governmental service provider which exist to advertise using the neighborhood languages in schooling, neighborhood improvement, and non secular actions. Digo has a number of dialects, which range in either pronunciation and the phrases used. even though the authors haven't tried to standardise Digo in anyway, the dictionary displays the truth that the Digo Language and Literacy venture has been so much energetic within the region on the coast (15 km south of Mombasa) and the close to inland, 20 km from the coast. This dictionary is trilingual, directory the Digo phrases and words alphabetically, and definitions of those phrases and words are given in English and Swahili. there's no opposite record of English and/or Swahili, since it could necessarily fail to remember many Digo phrases for which there's no noticeable English or Swahili an identical. The paintings is finished via a quick Digo humans description, a grammatical comic strip and a Bibliography. - The integrated CD-ROM deals unfastened entry to the 5,311 entries of the dictionary, in addition it includes 352 audio documents of Digo phrases and examples in their use.

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Dong'ola to bend over (impolite expression - used of female ready for sex); kuinama, kuzama. Proverb: Wa likpwale kaambwa dong'ola. The lustful one is never told to bend over. g. m. kumfinya mtoto kama adhabu. (See: dungunyula) donje (ma) dough, ball of ugali; tonge. Proverb: Donje kugbwa ni mlungu wa diya. A fallen piece of ugali is (caused by) the god of dogs. dosa! g. k. (See: bonda, doka, gbwanyula, palika, vundza) dosa 2 to have recently died (euphemistic); kufa (si zamani). (See: kata roho, kulaga duniya) dowa (ma) spot; doa.

See: mnyau) ctrfnyejere (vi) honey badger; kinyegere, loma. ddnyere see nyuni; angalia nyuni. dlinyo-chinyo being together always; pamoja pamoja. chinyume 1) afterwards; baadaye. 2) backwards, opposite, against; kinyume. Msihende mambo chinyume cha shariya. Do not do things contrary to the law. Note: 'Chinyume cha', 'chinyume na' both are possible. chinyume na hivyo on the contrary; ball. henda chinyume to undermine someone; kudhoofisha tntu. Chinyume-nyume in reverse, backwards; kinyumenyume, Rehe gari chimbere-mbere, usirehe chinyume-nyume.

He is lying face-up. (See: chimabu-mabu) chingetse (vi) senior person, someone older than others in the group; mkongwe. (See: chiphedi) chingo (-) animal skin, hide, leather; ngozi. ching'ong'oro nasally; kwa pua. Ana mafuwa, ndiyo mana anagomba ching'ong'oro. He has a cold which is why he is speaking nasally. (See: pula) ching'onyo (vi) weevil; kidudu kilacho nafaka. chinjira to go out to meet an approaching guest (lit. to slaughter for someone); kupokea, kulaki. chinu (vi) wooden mortar made of a hard block of wood hollowed out at the centre and used for pounding grain; kinu.

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