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By Judy Nunn

It is an ancient fiction at the darkest days of the chilly struggle, within the distant desolate tract of South Australian wasteland, the way forward for an boy or girl country is being decided-without its people's wisdom.

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He stands alone, the sole of his right foot resting against his left knee, the spear in his right hand providing perfect balance. He is waiting. He has been waiting like this since dawn, but he feels no fatigue; he is a strong man. The father of two sturdy young boys, he is an excellent hunter and highly respected amongst his clan. But he is far from his clan now. They are many days’ walk to the south. In a dream, Amitu has been summoned by the Rainbow Serpent to the site of sacred boulders. He has been travelling northward for ten days, following one of the many Tjurkurpa tracks that lead to Kata Tjuta and Uluru, and he is now in Pitjantjatjara country, less than one day’s walk from the mother rock of all people.

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