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References Liquid-metal pressure gages might be fabricated in both unmarried- or delta-rosette configurations. Their major merits are their low stiffness (essential for 1. Beatty, M.F. and Chewning, S. W., "Numerical research of the Reinforcement influence of a pressure Gage utilized to a tender use on composites with delicate, elastomeric matrices) Material," Int. J. Eng. Sci., 17, 907-915 (1979). and excessive elongation (at least 50 percent). Their prin­ 2. Pugin, V.A., "Electrical pressure Gauges for Measuring huge cipal dangers are a brief shelf lifestyles and a Deformations," Soviet Rubber undefined, 19 (1), 23-26 (1960). nonlinear calibration curve. three. Janssen, M.L. and Walter, J.D., "Rubber pressure Measurements in Bias, Belted Bias and Radial Ply Tires," J. lined Fibrous Mat., 1, 102-117 (1971). four. Patel, H.P., Turner, J.L., and Walter, J.D., "Radial Tire Cord-Rubber Composite," Rubber Chem. and Tech., forty nine, Acknowledgments 1095-1110 (1976). five. Stone, J.E., Madsen, N.H., Milton, J.L., Swinson, W.F., and Turner, J.L., "Developments within the layout and Use of Liquid-Metal pressure Gages," EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS, 23, the writer recognizes worthwhile feedback via 129-139 (1983). Dr. Joseph D. Walter of Firestone imperative examine 6. Whitney, R.J., "The size of quantity adjustments in Human Limbs, " J. body structure, 121, 1-27 (1953).

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In the present work, it is assumed that the gage element is sufficiently large relative to the microstruc45 In a uniaxial-stress field with the applied stress oriented along the gage element, which in turn is mounted on the major material-symmetry axis (fiber direction) of an orthotropic material (see Fig. 1), one has Before going to the more complicated cases of stress gages, shear gages, and rosettes applied to composites, it is desirable to review the analogous situation for isotropic-material applications.

4. F. and S. W. Chewning, "Numerical Analysis of the Reinforcement Effect of a Strain Gage Applied to a Soft Material, " Inter. J. Eng. Science, 17, 907-915 (1979). 5. , "Errors Due to Transverse Sensitivity in Strain Gages, " Tech. Note TN-509 (1982). 6. , "On a General Method of Compensation in Strain Gauge Work," Strain, 4 (1), 3-8 (Jan. 1968). 7. H. , "Electronic Computing Apparatus for Rectangular and Equiangular Rosettes," Proc. SESA, II (1), 78-101 (1944). 8. , "Note on the Effect of Cross-Sensitivity in the Determination of Stress," Strain, 7 (2), 74-75 (April 1971}.

Rosen, B. , "A Simple Procedurefor Experimental Determination of the Longitudinal Shear Modulus of Unidirectional Composite" J. , 6, 552-554 (Gct. 1972). 8. Perry, C. , "Plane Shear Measurement with Strain Gages, " EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS. 9 (1), 19N-22N (Jan. 1969). (Measurements Group Tech Note TN-512). 44 Section IIiF Normal-Stress and Shear-Stress Gages and Rosettes· by Charles W. Bert ture of the composite (say the fiber diameter) that the composite may be assumed to be macroscopically homogeneous, although orthotropic with respect to the fiber direction (see Section IIA on 'AnisotropicMaterial Behavior').

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