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By Jayne Ann Krentz

A brand new York instances Bestselling writer Cole Stockton had a will of metal and a uncooked decision to move after what he sought after - together with Kelsey Murdock. He'd invaded her existence, assaulting her along with his sensuality, tempting her to be reckless. She sensed whatever risky concerning the guy - within the secrets and techniques he refused to proportion, the prior that also haunted him, the coiled rigidity that denied intimacy. For Cole, the previous used to be a closed door. For Kelsey, that intended too many questions and no solutions.

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I’ll come with you,“ she began automatically, not particularly wanting to stay behind in the dense jungle when something as civilized as a house was beckoning. „You’ll stay here. “ Cole thrust the attach^ case into her hands. “ „But, Cole – “ Kelsey broke off at once as he switched a hard-eyed gaze at her. „All right,“ she muttered. “ „You’re learning,“ Cole grunted. He started to slip away into the nearby foliage but stopped when he felt Kelsey’s fingers touch his sleeve. „Cole, be careful,“ she heard herself whisper.

With those words of caution echoing in her head, Kelsey left her stateroom and headed for the dining room. For the first time since she had arrived on board she found herself thinking about food. Perhaps after a cup of coffee she would be able to sort out the truth of the situation. Then she would confront Cole and demand some explanations. This time he wasn’t going to get away with simply refusing to discuss certain subjects, she promised herself. The sea air was fresh and invigorating. This morning the endless blue waters were a delight to the eye.

By the time she had eaten dinner with him, attended the cabaret show and then danced with him out on deck under the stars, she had finally begun to relax. No, Kelsey told herself with rigorous honesty, she had more than relaxed. She had begun to slip back under the spell of the man. It had done no good to remind herself what had happened the last time she had attempted to break free of that emotional sorcery. She had still found herself going willingly into his arms as they danced, her tawny head on his shoulder and her body luxuriating in the feel of his hands on her waist.

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