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In a tradition the place the supernatural possessed an immediacy now unusual to us, magic used to be of significant value either within the literary and mythic culture and in ritual perform. lately, old magic has hit a excessive in recognition, either as a space of scholarly inquiry and as one among basic, renowned curiosity. In Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts within the Greek and Roman Worlds Daniel Ogden offers 300 texts in new translations, in addition to short yet particular commentaries. this can be the 1st e-book within the box to unite huge decisions from either literary and documentary assets. along descriptions of sorcerers, witches, and ghosts within the works of historical writers, it reproduces curse drugs, spells from old magical recipe books, and inscriptions from magical amulets. each one translation is through a observation that places it in context inside historic tradition and connects the passage to similar passages during this quantity. Authors contain the well-known (Sophocles, Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle, Virgil, Pliny) and the fewer established, and expand around the entire of Greco-Roman antiquity.

the second one version contains a new preface, an up to date bibliography, and new source-passages, similar to the earliest use of the notice "mage" in Greek" (fr. Aeschylus' Persians ), a werewolf story (Aesop's Fables), and excerpts from the main systematic account of historical laws opposed to magic (Theodosian Code).

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This much he said first, and then he proceeded to impale the dreaminterpreters of the mages, who had induced him to release Cyrus. Then he armed the remnants of the Medes in the city, the young and the old. He marched them out, joined battle with the Persians, and was defeated. Astyages himself was taken alive, but he lost the army of Medes he had led. C. Herodotus is the only source to assert the Median origin of the mages. He may be right, but the claim may be based on nothing more substantial than the Greek folk etymology that derived the name of the Medes from Medea (40).

Regarded as having shown the way in great boons for humankind, they received divine worship. They record that one of them was called Heracles. With an outstanding reputation he was able to found the Olympic Games. People of subsequent generations attributed the foundation of the Games to the son of Alcmene because he had the same name. As proof of this they say that the custom persists even to this day in accordance with which many women derive their incantations and their manufacture of amulets from this god, in the belief that he was a sorcerer [goês] and practiced rites of initiation, and that these are highly uncharacteristic of the Heracles that was born of Alcmene.

1999, no. 5. Greek To Zeus of the place and to Dione. They shouldn’t use Dorios the evocator [psuchagôgos], should they? QUESTIONS WERE SUBMITTED TO THE ORACLE of Zeus at Dodona on lead tablets, many of which survive. This intriguing consultation-question, addressed to Zeus and his usual wife at Dodona, stands alone. Is the consulter’s basic concern whether evocation should or should not be employed, or is it the choice of actual evocator? It is tempting to associate Dorios the evocator with the other great oracle of Thesprotia, the Acheron oracle of the dead (144, 150).

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