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Aunt Sarah nodded. “Oh,” she said. “Right. You know, I’m sorry I told you the way I did. ” Annie shook her head. “No,” she said. “It’s fine. ” Aunt Sarah sipped her milk shake and made a face. ” she said to her niece. “They’re all chemicals. ” Annie asked suddenly. Aunt Sarah put down her shake. “I have no idea,” she said. ” asked Annie, the nervousness in her stomach threatening to erupt at any second as she waited for her aunt’s answer. 30 Aunt Sarah sighed. “I don’t know,” she said. ” She looked at Annie for a long moment.

People laughed as Toni showed them the correct way to hold their drums. Then she began by teaching them basic hand movements, which they copied 48 until she was satisfied that they were all doing them more or less correctly. Fairly quickly they were all playing easy rhythms. “See,” said Toni. ” The whole time they were playing, Kate noticed that Sasha kept looking at her watch. ” she asked her friend. Sasha shook her head. “Just checking the time,” she said. ” As if that were a cue, Toni told them they could stop playing.

The girls took theirs as well and waited expectantly until everyone was there and Toni began the class. 47 After a few welcoming remarks she launched into her presentation. “The Goddess loves to dance,” she told her audience as she began to play a gentle rhythm. ” She changed her hand movements, resulting in strong tapping that sounded like a proud woman stepping confidently. “When you play the drums, try to imagine your favorite goddess dancing to it. ” Toni played for a while as the class participants nodded their heads and clapped their hands along with her.

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