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4 These lines were written by a young woman during a manic episode. There is some evidence of flight of ideas, but this are not particularly obvious. There is mention of a jetty (small pier). This may have been suggested by the words finish line, which could have suggested fishing line - fishing is sometimes conducted from jetties. In the next line there is mention of naval oranges – naval as in navy was probably suggested by the word jetty – boats are moored to jetties. There is the suggestion of insight in the words, I’m going mad.

John challenged, looking from the power points to the telephone and around the walls. “The Commonwealth Government. This meeting was requested by the Commonwealth Medical Officer. But, Mr. ” They sat silently looking at each other. She said nothing. He started. Three years ago people in the train had started to hold newspapers up in front of their faces. He realized they were giving him the message that he was being watched. He didn’t know them, but they knew him. Sometimes he would be sitting in a carriage and find himself surrounded by them.

He began to “talk a lot of rubbish”. The family couldn’t follow what he said but it became clear that he believed Roy Rogers was out to kill him. Roy believed the film star thought the patient had stolen his (the movie star’s) “identity” and wanted revenge. The patient heard a voice outside his head calling him “a homosexual”, “a poofter”, “a queen” and “a queer”. He believed this was the voice of the movie star. The family let Roy go his own way until he stopped going to work. His boss was pleased to be able to sack him for failing to turn up, as Roy was no longer a useful worker.

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