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By Thom Hess

The e-book includes a Foreword and an advent; twenty-two grammar classes, each one with grammatical questions and workouts (pp. 1-116); solutions to all grammar questions and routines (pp. 123-135); the verbatim transcripts of 4 Lushootseed texts (pp. 137-155); a thesaurus (pp. 157-198); and an Appendix at the Lushootseed sound method (pp. 199-201). This classroom-tested chrestomathy may still let one to learn and comprehend the Lushootseed texts inside of 8 weeks. A thirty-minute recording of the 4 texts narrated by way of Edward Sam accompanies the e-book.

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. …the 34-year-old American waved a fond farewell to the big-time… …they did it out of their fond love for her… There will be many fond memories taken away from the city… …police are fond of saying publicly that they want to build bridges with the community here. He said he felt no pain, apart from injections which he has never been fond of… He’s obviously fond of women. I’m not too fond of taking tablets… I am very fond of poetry by John Donne. He was very fond of ancient histories, stories and epics of earlier times and heroes.

An examination of usage shows that less is quite common with such nouns, and, in fact, always has been. The injunction to use fewer dates from the late eighteenth century, until when less had been quite uncontroversial, and it still is when followed by than: Less than 10 people a year are affected by this disease. It is also used as an adverb alone: I like it less. and in expressions: more or less, less than. 7 On the following lines decide whether less is: a. b. c. d. e. f. a determiner modifying count nouns.

However, mothers…attribute a bewildering variety of symptoms to teething, including poor sleeping… 3. All of that gives it a very encouraging sure-footedness once you…test it on poor road conditions. 4. Lunchtime drinking that leads to reduced or poor quality work in the afternoons is one example. 5. Paul Cook’s poor pass let in Martin Carruthers. 6. …we haven’t got a clue what the poor girl’s doing at the moment. 7. …I think we are economically and industrially the poor men of Europe… 8. Let’s have a look in and see what you’ve done to the poor old thing.

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