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By Kate MacLachlan

Set in a Belfast divided by means of non secular bigotry, a couple of star-crossed lovers—one a Protestant the opposite a Catholic—fall sufferer to the petty jealousies and hatreds of the folk round them. Passions come to a head and Conor is overwhelmed up and Zee can pay for her "disloyalty," within the dramatic and violent end.

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You stay away from her,’ snarled Des. ’ Tasha cleared her throat but if she was trying to catch their attention she failed completely. Gary punched Conor’s shoulder, none too lightly. ‘You should be at home, pillock. ’ Conor kept his balance, and looked Gary straight in the eye. ‘There’s supposed to be peace, isn’t there? ’ Gary hissed. ‘Peace? ’ 30 ‘Not between us, Gary. ’ Des moved in, pushing his fist hard into Conor’s chest, forcing him back a step. ’ yelled Zee. But Des had bunched Conor’s shirt in his fists ‘C’mon, Gary!

And you’ll get none now! Away and put the kettle on – sweet tea does the trick just the same. I’ll make us all a cuppa tea with lots of sugar. ’ Zee expected the Spanish inquisition from her mum, but after they had drunk the tea, she was sent back to bed to rest. She didn’t think she would sleep but she did, and when she woke, the room was stifling. The sun shot like a laser through the window and dust particles danced in the beam between the two coombs of the ceiling. Outside Zee heard the little fountain piddling away.

The toys shot off, hit the window, ricocheted against the wall and fell to the floor. He lay still for a moment, listening. There was no sound. Why would there be, he thought bitterly. The rest of them were still fast asleep. Hadn’t they all given up on the Twelfth except him? Five minutes later, dressed in his dark suit, he slipped across the landing to the big chest and eased open the top drawer. Surprise speared through him; the precious case had gone. The slim leather case that held the family sash was nowhere to be seen.

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