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This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a working Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of having a look Backward, 2000 to 1887. This variation

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Era: 时代, 代, 年代, 年头儿, 时光. exaggerated: 言过其实的, 夸张的. gloom: 幽暗, 阴暗, 变黑暗. glorious: 壮丽, 辉煌, 光荣的. grade: 级别, 级, 等级, 标号, 年级, 档次. heap: 堆, 堆积. humor: 幽默, 风趣, 笑林. impatient: 不耐烦, 无耐心的. intellect: 智力, 才智. listened: 听. mankind: 人类, 人. observe: 观察. pains: 辛苦. perceptible: 明显的. plain: 平原. prevailing: 流行的. prospect: 远景, 奔头儿, 期望. prospects: 前途, 前景. rocks: 岩石. temper: 脾气, 性子. whither: 向何处. widespread: 普遍, 分布广泛的, 普及. 34 Looking Backward, 2000 to 1887 talk rather than to sleep, as I certainly am, perhaps I cannot do better than to try to give you enough idea of our modern industrial system to dissipate at least the impression that there is any mystery about the process of its evolution.

Misuse: 误用, 滥用. objections: 反对. official: 正式, 官方, 正式的, 官员. officials: 官员. organization: 组织, 体制, 团体, 机构. possibly: 或者, 可能地. premium: 奖金, 保险费. responsibilities: 责任. settled: 安定. strange: 奇怪, 奇特, 陌生, 奇异的, 生疏. temptation: 诱惑. worse: 更坏, 更糟. Edward Bellamy 41 “The%moment the nation assumed the responsibilities of capital those difficulties vanished,” replied Dr. Leete. “The national organization of labor under one direction was the complete solution of what was, in your day and under your system, justly regarded as the insoluble labor problem.

Exquisite: 绝妙, 优美的, 讲究, 玲珑. faultless: 无缺点的. feverish: 发烧的. frankness: 坦白. intercourse: 性交. luxuriance: 繁茂. naive: 幼稚, 天真的, 天真. peculiarly: 奇特地. relieve: 解除, 救济, 减轻, 解脱. sincerity: 真挚, 诚意, 真诚. softness: 柔和. strained: 紧张, 紧张的. strangeness: 陌生. tact: 机智. tinted: 色彩. trifling: 些许, 不重要的. uncanny: 神秘的, 可怕的. vitality: 生命力, 活力, 精神, 朝气, 生机. womanhood: 女姓. 30 Looking Backward, 2000 to 1887 Edith Leete took little part in the conversation, but when several times the magnetism of her beauty drew my glance to her face, I found her eyes fixed on me with an absorbed intensity, almost like fascination.

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