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Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary (Writers Library) (Writer's Library)

The matter i've got and people could have with this e-book is what it comprises and isn't made particular within the description of the ebook. This booklet includes particular language and outlines of human anatomy and sexuality. many of the issues defined in listed here are very photograph certainly! This publication is identical in a few respects to the city dictionary chanced on on the net.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary

The Plain-English criminal Dictionary for somebody Who desires to comprehend the customarily Incomprehensible TerminologyLaw has a language all its personal. Webster's New international legislations Dictionary interprets it truly. Written in undeniable English, it really is a lot more uncomplicated to appreciate than commonplace criminal files. it truly is up to date and accomplished, with:* transparent, concise, and exact definitions of greater than 4,000 felony phrases* insurance of phrases from all parts of legislation, together with felony legislation, contracts, proof, constitutional legislation, estate legislations, and torts* universal abbreviations, overseas phrases and words, and a whole reproduction of the USA structure, together with the invoice of Rights and all next amendments* Definitions of more recent phrases equivalent to replacement minimal tax, 3 moves legislation, and assisted suicideIn addition to these within the felony box, this table reference is important to reporters, researchers, lay humans facing criminal concerns, or even those that easily are looking to use criminal phrases thoroughly so one can make their issues extra convincingly.

The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Volume 21 - Z

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, quantity 21, Z edited by way of Martha T Roth xv + 170p (Oriental Institute, 1961)

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Pepperbox turret a turret with a conical or domed roof. peripteral surrounded by a single colonnade. peristyle a colonnade surrounding a building or courtyard. pier a vertical masonry support. pilaster a flat, rectangular column having a base and capital and set or engaged into a wall. pilastrade a line of pilasters. corner, sometimes decoratively distinguished from surrounding masonry. Also known as coin. random course a row of masonry of unequal sizes. random work masonry laid in irregular courses, with random sizes of stone.

Beam a large, supportive structural member, usually running from one foundation wall to another and held up by pillars or poles.  shiner a stretcher with its broad side facing out. soldier a brick laid standing on end. stacked bond a bricklaying style characterized by nonoverlapping courses of stretchers. stretcher a brick laid lengthwise. bridging small pieces of wood crossed between bearing wall any wall that bears the weight of a studs to add rigidity and to distribute load. ceiling, floor, or roof above it.

S. S. breed, spotted black and white. S. breed, all colors, short or no ears, hornless, milk producer. Angora Turkish breed, white face, legs and mohair, horned or polled, long locks of mohair. spots. wessex saddleback English breed, black with white belt encircling body. Yorkshire English breed, white with or without black freckles; long-bodied. 0 ANImALS AND INSECTS sHeeP Breeds American merino Spanish breed, white, strong flocking instinct, produces fine wool. black-faced highland Scottish breed, black or mottled, horned, produces carpet wool.

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