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Phi-features, resembling individual, quantity, and gender, current an extraordinary chance for syntacticians, morphologists and semanticists to collaborate on a learn company within which all of them have an equivalent stake and which all of them procedure with info and insights from their very own fields. This quantity is the 1st to try to collect those varied strands and forms of examine.

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If C HL is designed to function as efficiently as possible, it would seem entirely plausible that it would incorporate a mechanism to cancel derivations that C-I cannot read at once instead of allowing doomed derivations to proceed uselessly. Select plays exactly this role. As for specifiers and adjunct positions, I will assume that the only difference between one and the other is whether the position includes an unvalued feature (spec) or not (adjunct). I follow Chomsky (1995) in assuming that the theory of phrase structure does not have any restrictions on how many specs/adjuncts a head can have.

This datum provides evidence that in English T does not assign nominative. This is discussed in Chapter 4. Another empirical advantage of excluding T from the list of Case assigners comes from the phenomenon of agreement with relative pronouns discussed in Kayne (1995) and Van Gelderen (J 997). cf. (24). (23) CP a. ~ C[null] vp b. CP ~ C TP for ~ UP ~ Tl1un-fm vP Agree, Move, A-dependencies c. fin (24) The people who the boy think are in the garden. In (24), T agrees with the relative pronoun instead of EA.

However, since 'there' is -incomplete, there is no intervention effect. Why isn't the same phenomenon happening in (29b)? The second objection is the following. Consider example (29a) at the point when T is ready to probe: (31) T think me[dat] they be industrious At this point, the entire 'me[dat]' chain stands between T and 'they'. It is only later that only a trace stands between T and 'they'. This means that As we know, in Chomsky's system Pied-piping entails a previous Match+Agree relationship - however, it is not clear what feature or features of 'me[datJ' match the unvalued features of T.

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