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By François Recanati

François Recanati presents an unique safeguard of ''contextualism'' in contribution to the present debate in regards to the top definition of semantics and pragmatics. Is ''What is said'' made up our minds by way of linguistic conventions, or is it a side of ''speaker's meaning''? will we want pragmatics to mend truth-conditions? what's ''literal meaning''? To what quantity is semantic composition an inventive technique? How pervasive is context-sensitivity? Recanati bargains an educated survey of the spectrum of positions held through linguists and philosophers operating on the semantics/pragmatics interface.

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What triggers the ‘local process’ and, for that matter, keeps it from being triggered in a case like (ii) [‘The ham sandwich is getting eaten’], uttered in similar circumstances? Recanati’s account predicts that the hearer would entertain the proposition that the ham-sandwich-orderer is getting eaten, since the local process it posits would get triggered before a full proposition were reached. 17 But my account does not predict that the hearer would understand (ii) (‘The ham sandwich is being eaten’) as being about the ham sandwich orderer.

2 (MIT Press, 1986), pp. 17–21. Primary pragmatic processes 37 Given the link we have established between coherence (or fit) and schemata, the question we must answer becomes: why are schema-instantiating interpretations more successful than others? In line with what has been said so far, the following answer suggests itself. Interpretational success – what brings a ‘candidate’ or potential semantic value into the actual interpretation of the utterance – to a large extent depends on the candidate’s accessibility or degree of activation.

Relevance theorists do not deny that comprehension is intuitive rather than discursive. When they say that communication is fundamentally inferential, they mean it in a sense which is compatible with its being intuitive. 1). One is conscious, explicit inference – what Reid calls ‘reasoning’. But there is also a type of inference that occurs unconsciously, in such a way that the judging subject is aware only of the conclusion of the inference (which is, therefore, available not as the conclusion of an inference but as an immediate, intuitive judgment).

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