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Particularly in the face of the uncertainties that were emphasized in Chapters 1 and 2 about the nature of the world of the future, recent writers have dwelt more and more heavily upon the role of education in fostering certain patterns of psychological growth in children. Thus, the emphasis in statements of educational goals has switched from the acquisition of skills and knowledge to the production of a certain kind of people func- 44 Lifelong Education tioning psychologically in a particular manner.

It has also been argued that learning is already a life-long process that goes on with or without schooling, and regardless of the kind of schooling that is received. As pointed out, the special characteristic of schooling is that it involves the deliberate provision of conditions that will facilitate certain kinds of learning. Thus, lifelong education is a goal or ideal which includes principles for organizing schooling to facilitate the process of lifelong learning, and to influence it according to special goals and ideals.

Learning is taken to include acquisition of new social skills, development of changed attitudes towards oneself and others, changed capacity to experience and Psychological Analysis 39 tolerate emotions, development of goals and aspirations, and so on. This kind of conceptualization of the learning process has been spelled out more fully by Blakely (1972). Although it is true that learning is a process of adaptation to the environment, it is more clearly understood, especially in the context of educative learning in humans, when it is borne in mind that it is a dynamic process.

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