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Single column of 3 1 - 37 lines (e . g . , fols . 156r, 117r, 8r) . ( " Collation: 8 x 8(64) , 1 1(75) , 36 x 8(363 ) . j . Rands: a) parchment folios lr_ � 66r-1l 64f , 196r- 363r. Similar to Vat. Gr. v '--f { 6 � 984 ( 1354-A . Turyn , Codices Graeci , pI. 125 ) . b) 65v• c) 164r- 195v• d) paper folios 1 - 14. Decoration: Ornate initials (1r, 164r, 197V) . Inks: Dark brown and black for text; vermilion for title on fo1. 32r, erasures (73r, 73\ 74r, 74V) , and marginal numbering of the Letters.

G. Schneidewin, Corpus Paroemiogra­ phorum Graecorum, 2 vols. (GDttingen, 1839; reprint, Hίldesheim, 1965) ____ ____ LIST ΟΡ ABBREVIATIONS Ιί Loenertz, "Chronologie de Nicolas Cabasilas": R. J. , Correspondance: R. J. Loenertz, Demetrius Cydones Correspondance, 2 vols. (Vatican City, 1956-60) "Dix-huit lettres": R. J. Loenertz, "Dix-huit lettres de Gregoire Acindyne ana­ lysees et datees," O C P , 23 (1957), 114-44; reprinted ίη Loernertz, Byzantina et Franco-Graeca (Rome, 1970), 81-110. All references are Ιο this edition.

V, Les regestes de 1310 α 1376 (Paris, 1977) Demetrakos, Lexikon: D. Β. Demetrakos, Μέγα λεξικόυ τής- Έλληυικης- γλώσσης-, 9 νols. (Athens, 1933-51) Dennis, T he Letters of Manuel ΙΙ Pa/aeologus: G. Τ. Text, Translation and Notes, Dumbarton Oaks Texts, ιν (Washington, D. C. , 1977) Dishypatos, Λόγος-: D. Dishypatos, Δαβίδ Δισυπάτου λόγος- κατα Βαρλααμ καί Άκιυ_­ δύυου πρός- Νικόλαου Καβάσιλαυ, ed. D. Tsames, Βυζαυτιυα Κείμευα καί Μελέται, 10 (Thessalonica, 1973) ____ ____ ____ ____ LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS Poem: D.

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